Sonntag, 13. Juni 2010

The heat can do strange things to your mind

but this thing is real, we don't have a heat stroke and we are not hallucinating. Any suggestions as to what we should name this thing.......
Die Hitze kann einen ganz kirre machen, aber unser kleiner "fund" im Garten ist echt. Hm, was für einen Namen wird es haben???
After it got cleaned up, it made itself comfortable amongst the flowers.
Nachdem wir es sauber gemacht haben, sass es comfortable bei den Blumen.


  1. Mike said it looked like a truffle. Must be some kind of plant reminds me of a sea creature from Pirates of the Caribbean movie....

  2. It's Ginger. I planted a real tiny piece of left-over Ginger two years ago, and this is the result :-)