Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2008

On the twelfth day of Christmas

my true love sent to me, twelve drummers drumming, eleven pipers piping, ten lords a-leaping, nine ladies dancing, eight maids a-milking, seven swans a-swimming, six geese a-laying, five golden rings, four calling birds, three french hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.
On the twelfth day of Jamie's visit, we drove to the Airport to bring her back for her flight home. Those are the moments I hate, but I keep on reminding myself: Every goodbye is a looking forward to the next time we pick up family. It has been a twelve wonderful days with Jamie.
Tag 12 - Der Abschied. Diese Tage hasse ich, die Kinder zum Flughafen bringen. Dann erinnere ich mich daran, dass jeder Abschied aber auch wieder ein Wiedersehen bringt.
Es waren 12 schöne Tage mit Jamie.

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