Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Starting a new project

Jamie asked me to do an album of her cats. She left me the pics when she visited. I started the project last night. Actually, this is only the first cat, the name "Monkey" has yet to be added, some more embellishments and there are more cats to follow. I believe 8 more. That'll be a challenge, but fun to create.
Jamie hat mich gefragt ob ich ihr ein Katzenalbum machen kann. Gestern Abend habe ich damit angefangen. Bis jetzt habe ich erst die erste Seite geschafft, der Name "Monkey" wird noch hinzu gefügt und danach folgen die restlichen Katzen - 8 Stück. Eine Herausforderung die mir aber Spass machen wird.


  1. I really like the page with all the square cutouts! I have been really uncreative with my layouts lately. I think it is becuase I have no photos printed. I need to order some from costco and get to work!

  2. That comment below is from me, melanie. it is tough to read the directions all in german!