Freitag, 18. Januar 2008

Finished it - hab's geschafft

Well, I did it! Finished the album just in time. That bind-it-all from Zutter is great. Now I am in the mood to create another album. But first I am going to enjoy Jamie and Lenny's visit. Got some things planned already, like a tour through our "Residenz" in town. The artwork on the ceilings inside is incredible. The highlights of the interior decoration were created by the Venetian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo with his ceiling frescos in the Imperial Hall and above the staircase, completed from 1751 to 1753. I enjoy it every time I take visitors there. ------------------------------------------------------- Sodala, das Album ist fertig geworden. Die "bind-it-all" Maschine von Zutter ist einfach Klasse. Gibt mir Lust bald noch mehr Alben zu machen. Aber zuerst werde ich nun Jamie's und Lenny's Besuch bei uns geniessen. Einiges ist schon geplant, u.a. unsere Residenz hier in der Stadt.

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